Mr. Christopher Brinkeborn Beselin

– Chairman & Co-Founder at Fram^

Mr. Christopher is the world’s leading expert in Business Administration & Investment. He has held many top positions in large corporations and startups. By contributing his expertise to the communities, especially to young entrepreneurs – who are lack of experiences in strategic planning, he strongly believes he can help to make more ‘dream come true’ to people.

Mr. John Nguyen

– Managing Director at Lasluz

Mr. John Nguyen is expert in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. He has 10 years experience of working in various management positions in Multinational  Corporations. With excellent expertise in problem solving and growth-hacking skills, he has brought to the startup communities a lot precious values and helped build a stronger connection between startup founders.

Ms. Linh Pham

– Senior Production Management at TikiNow

Ms. Linh Pham is expert in Big Data Analytics. She has over 7 years experience of dealing with massive and complicated data from one of the biggest Ecommerce Company in Vietnam. She hopes to dedicate her knowledge as well as her enthusiasm to the Vietnamese young professional community. She strongly believes that with the efforts and knowledge from experts, youngers will have better chances to shorten the distance of reaching out the flat world.