Mr. Christopher Brinkeborn Beselin

Chairman & Founder of Fram^

Mr. Christopher is the world’s leading expert in Business Administration & Investment. He has held many top positions in large corporations and startups. By contributing his expertise to the communities, especially to young entrepreneurs – who are lack of experiences in strategic planning, he strongly believes he can help to make more ‘dream come true’ to people.

About Our Mentor

Biography, Achievement & Dedication Summary

Mr. Christopher has been worked as ‘high rank cadre’ in many big companies & corporations:

  • Analyst, Financial Sponsors Group at Lehman Brothers
  • Associate & Consultant Intern at Bain & Company
  • MD & Co-Founder at SXL Group (Formly Starnox)
  • Investment Associate at Cevian Capital
  • CEO & Partner at Barnbutiken
  • CEO & Co-Founder at Lazada Vietnam
  • Board Director at VNDIRECT
  • Board Member at PriceRunner
  • Chairman & Investor at Pangara
  • Chairman & Investor at Intrepid Southeast Asia
  • Founding Partner at Endurance Capital Group
  • Chairman & Founder at Fram^

Requirement of Mentees

To bring the best values to our Mentees, we offer these requirements in order to match the Mentor’s consultation level

Mentees who meet these requirements will be able to connect to the mentors by follow the booking process. Please read carefully the criterias below for your reference:

  • Mentees must have at least 3 – 5 years experience in the related fields
  • Mentees must pass the short preliminary from Lasluz to book the meeting
  • English is a requirement